Latvia Real Estate

Latvia offers golden visa to foreigner investors  Latvia, on the basis of acquisition of real estate for EUR 250,000. There is a 5% additional state fee EUR 12,500 paid to the Government which comes total to EUR 262,5000 to get golden visa in Latvia through property investment.

  • Cheapest golden visa in Europe
  • Profitable real estate investment in Europe
  • Residency in EU schengen country
  • Low cost of living
  • Visa free movement in Schengen.
  • Family and children qualify for latvian residency
  • No requirement to live permanently in Latvia (visit once a year)

Investors can buy a property (apartment, luxury home) in Riga, Jurmala or major cities. With Latvia considered to have one of the lowest house prices in Europe, foreigners now account for 70% of all property transactions mainly from Russians, Chinese,  Ukrainians and Uzbeks. 

The property prices of new apartments in Riga capital are priced from €1,450 to €3,800 per sq. m. in 2016.

Investor and family qualify for 5 year residence permit issued by Latvia which can be extended thereafter. There are residency requirements. Permanent residency is possible after living 5 years uninterrupted in Latvia, which then leads to Latvian citizenship after another 5 years, speaking Latvian language and fully integrating to latvian culture.

In September 2014, Immigration Law amendments increased the threshold for obtaining a residence permit and introduced other conditions and costs, if a foreigner’s real estate was registered in the Land Register after September 1, 2014:

  • Minimum transaction value of real estate located anywhere in Latvia must be €250,000.
  • The total cadastral value of the property at the time of acquisition should be at least €80,000.
  • Payment of a state budget contribution worth 5% of the real estate’s transaction value.



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Why Latvia?

Latvia is a EU schengen member country. The cost of living in Latvia is cheaper compared to other european countries and you can take advantage of cheaper real estate prices in Latvia.

How does it work?

1. As a foreigner, just buy a property or apartment in Latvia and you can qualify for long term 5 yr temporary residence permit.

2.As a foreigner, just become a board member, council member or procura holder and get a 5 yr temporary residence permit.

Costs & Expenses

The total costs will come around EUR 80,000 to receive a residence visa in Latvia.

Documents Required

1. Police Clearance Certificate (apostilled)
2. Passport copies (apostille).
3. Sale deed of real estate purchase.
4. Health insurance


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