Latvia passport

Latvian passport 11th powerful in the World

Latvian passport has been ranked 11th powerful passport in the world with visa free travel to 180 world countries, according to 2019 Henley passport index.


As of 2018 according to Ministry of foreign affairs, Latvian citizens can visit these countries without visa

  • Canada (6 months ESTA),
  • United States (90 days ESTA),
  • United Kingdom (90 days within 6 months),
  • Australia (90 days e-visitor)
  • New Zealand (90 days)
  • Ireland (90 days)
  • United Arab Emirates (90 days)
  • EU citizenship status with full rights in EU-28 member states


Latvia’s immigrant investor residence program is one of the most popular investment migration schemes in Europe since 2010. Investors can acquire permanent residency through purchase of real estate for 250K euros or qualify for long term residency by investing in a business with starting from 50K euros.


In the latest Global residence and citizenship program index, Latvia RBI scheme ranks 14th among other Global residence by investment schemes.


A number of chinese and russians have already invested in Latvia RBI scheme since the program started in 2010.


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