Latvia RBI scheme

Financial means for foreigners requesting residence permits

Latvia’s Immigration Law requires foreigners to have the necessary financial means in order to reside in the Republic of Latvia. The amount of necessary financial means is determined by the Cabinet.


As of 1 April 2018 the required provision for subsistence, pursuant to the 25 April 2017 Cabinet Regulations No. 225Regulations regarding the Amount of Necessary Financial Means for a Foreigner and Procedures for the Determination of the Existence of Financial Means” (hereinafter the Regulations), is as follows:

  • Employment or commercial activities – 1852 EUR
  •  European Union Blue Card1389 EUR
  • European Union Blue Card for occupations with significant demand 1111 EUR
  • Residence permit due to employment  926 EUR
  • Minimum monthly work remuneration in the Republic of Latvia is 430 EUR
  • Underage child is 129 EUR


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