Latvia dual citizenship

Dual citizenship in Latvia

Latvia, in accordance to the amendments to the Dual Citizenship Law which came into force on 1 October in 2013, citizenship of Latvia may be retained for persons who have acquired:


  • Citizenship of another EU Member State or another EFTA Member State;
  • Citizenship of another NATO Member State;
  • Citizenship of Australia, Brazil or New Zealand;


Persons registering for citizenship of Latvia as Latvians or Livs, or exiles will have the right to retain dual citizenship with any country.


dual citizenship latvia

Children of citizens of Latvia may hold dual citizenship with any country.

Unpermitted countries

Citizen of Latvia who has acquired citizenship with an unpermitted country has an obligation to submit an application for the renunciation of citizenship of Latvia within 30 days after acquiring citizenship of this country.

With unpermitted country, children after reaching the age of majority, have to make a choice between citizenship of Latvia and citizenship of the unpermitted country by the age of 25.


The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs invites citizens of Latvia who have acquired citizenship of another country to follow Article 15 of the Law on the Population Register, namely to provide information about acquiring citizenship of another country.


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