Residency bonds Malta and Latvia comparison

Latvia vs Malta Residency bond comparison

Malta and Latvia offer the cheapest residency bond scheme in Europe, both of the residency schemes require EUR 250,000 purchase of Government stocks or bonds in exchange for residence permit. Hungary had similar residency bond scheme but it was closed in since 2017.


Residency bonds are nothing but purchase of Government guaranteed interest free bonds, stocks and securities EUR 250,000. After 5 year holding period, the Government repays back the entire investment but investors keep their residence permit valid for indefinite period.


Malta and Latvia residency bonds scheme  though have the same EUR 250,000 investment, they have subtle differences and Malta is a better scheme compared to Latvia. This is because Malta offers permanent residence card while Latvia offers temporary residence card valid for 5 years. One other difference is parents and all family members can be included in Malta residency visa scheme while parents cannot be included for Latvia. Malta is a much better scheme when it comes to family.


Here we compare the difference between the malta and latvia residency bond schemes


Malta Residency Bonds  Latvia Residency bonds
Minimum Investment  EUR 250,000 in Malta Government stocks locked for 5 years. Debt or equity securities listed on the Official List of the Malta Stock Exchange also allowed. EUR 250,000 invested in Latvia Government bonds for 5 years
Additional Fees
  • Pay an administration fee of €30,000;
  •  Pay €5,000 for parents-in-law and grandparents;

  • 38,000 State fee
  • €30,000 Security checks, legal fees, processing fee


  • Extendable after 5 years**
  • Instant 5 years Residency
 What You get Permanent residence card  Temporary Residence Card valid for 5 years
 Schengen Free movement in Schengen area  Free movement in Schengen area
 Housing and address Must rent a property for a minimum of €10,000 for a period of five years or purchase a property for a minimum of €270,000.  Must Rent a home property for home address
 Health Insurance  Provide a Health Insurance to cover the entire family/dependants;  Required health insurance coverage for all family and members
 Processing time 2-4 months 2-4 months
 Residence obligation No requirement to live in the country No requirement to live in the country.
Family All family members, including biological adopted children and parents can be included in the application. Spouse and immediate
Children Children no longer lose residency status upon attaining age 27.  Age restrictions for adult dependents removed.  –



  • Malta receives on average about 50-6 applications per month, in total over 1000 applications have been received for residency bonds
  • Latvia has approved 36 applications  under those invested in Government securities for residence permits, according to migration office, since the start of the scheme