Golden visa europe

The Cheapest Golden visa in Europe

Latvia has the cheapest golden visa program in Europe. Some 13 countries in Europe attract foreign investors through immigrant investor golden visa schemes.


Latvia golden visa scheme was started in 2010 since then the scheme has become most popular golden visa scheme in Europe offering path to Latvia citizenship after 9 years of living. The business investment and the government bonds are the most popular options for latvian golden visa scheme.  A number of wealthy americans, russians and chinese have applied for investor visa in Latvia.



  • Latvia joined as EU member country since 1 May 2004
  • Latvia became Euro area member since 1 January 2014
  • Latvia became Schengen area member since 21 December 2007


Visa free Minimum Capital Requirement Investment Time Frame
Latvia EU residence permit EUR 100,000 (business) or EUR 250,000 (real estate/bonds) 3 months
Greece EU residence permit EUR 250,000 (real estate) 3 months
Malta EU Permanent Residence permit EUR 250,000 (Government bonds)  for Malta Residence Visa 3 months
Portugal Residence permit EUR 350,000 real estate investment 4 months
United Kingdom Residence permit GBP 2 million (investor) / GBP 200,000 (entrepreneur) Less than 2 month
United States EB-5 Green card USD 500,000 12 to 24 months
Canada Quebec Permanent residence CAD 1,200,000 4  months
Cyprus Residence permit EUR 300,000 (real estate) 2 months
Spain EU residence permit EUR 500,000 (real estate) 3 months
Ireland Residence permit EUR 1 million (bonds) 2-3 months
Germany EU residence permit EUR 350,000 (business or real estate) 3 months
Italy EU residence permit EUR 500,000 (startup) 3 months
Czech Republic EU residence permit USD 3 million (business) 3 months
The Netherlands EU residence permit EUR 1.25 million (capital investment) 3 months
Bulgaria Residence permit EUR 300,000 (real estate) 3 months
Australia Investor visa A$ 1,500,000 2 months
New Zealand Investor stream N$ 3,000,000 1 month


Latvian Citizenship

To become a citizen of Latvia under a naturalisation process, the following conditions have to be met

  • Fluent in the Latvian language,
  • Successfully passed the examination of basic principles of the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia, the text of the National Anthem, and the basics of the history and culture of Latvia