Latvia passport

Latvia has 19th strongest passport in the World

Latvia has 19th strongest passport in the world, according to the latest best passport rankings for 2020

The Latvian passport  which is one of the most valuable highly respected EU passports in the world has visa free access to a total of 160 countries in the world. The Latvian passport is tied with Cyprus passport in terms of passport power. Latvia is a full EU member state and also participates in Schengen Area. Cyprus is not a part of schengen area.

According to the visa list published, Access to countries with Latvian passport – Total 160

Visa free

Visa not required – 110 (visa free with just passport)

Hard visas

Visa required – 33

Soft visas

eVisa – 13
eTA – 2
Visa on Arrival – 16
eVisa / Visa on arrival – 19


Latvia has visa waivers signed with US and Canada. Besides these passport holders can visit United Kingdom, Ireland and live and work in EU  member states


Latvia also has some of the toughest requirements for citizenship. The country imposes 10 years of living and knowledge of latvia to become a Latvian citizen.