Malta residency golden visa

Malta – The Cheapest European Golden Visa Program

Malta has the cheapest golden visa in Europe.

We offer Malta Golden visa for EUR 125,000 (all inclusive costs) through financing option. You can include spouse and two children in the same application. It is very important to remember Malta offers permanent resident (green card) status in the schengen area under this program

It is not a real estate investment, instead you pay one time for the permanent residency valid indefinitely in the schengen area.

Why Malta

  • Schengen Area member state
  • Best country for expats and
  • English speaking country
  • Former UK colony with english style laws
  • Drives on the Left
  • World class education and healthcare
  • Warm client and mild winters.
  • Business friendly for startups and fintech companies
  • Powerful and highly respected EU passport with visa waiver to US, Canada.

Golden visa benefits

Here are some of the benefits of malta golden visa scheme.

– Permanent residence in Schengen area
– No living or residence requirements
– Free movement in schengen area
– Permanent residence certificate
– Full PR for family
– No age limit for children
– grandparents or parents can also included
– Maltese citizenship after 5 years.

Important: For maltese citizenship you must live four out of the five years before launching the application, which takes another one year for processing. There are also maltese and english language requirements.

How much it costs?

EUR 125,000 (all inclusive family package) under financing of bonds/stocks. This is non-refundable financing bond option. You can rent the property instead of buying it, saving money

Additional costs include Lawyer fee EUR 10,000 (single person) to EUR 15,000 for families

Other conditions

  • Besides these you must prove you earn atleast  EUR 100,000 income every year
  • Health insurance coverage

Processing time

Processing time 6 months


Please note Nationals of Afghanistan, North Korea, Somalia and Iran are not eligible for this program.