Latvia offers residence by investment scheme through share option. A minimum of EUR 50,000 investment required to receive temporary residence permit (5 years) in Latvia. The associated expenses can be paid in stages for five years.


  • Instant 5 years Residency
  • Biometric ID cards issued for 1 year. Renewable each year.
  • No minimum stay required
  • Visa free travel in the EU Schengen Zone



EUR 50,000  non refundable Share Investment


Additional fees

  • EUR 10,000  Government State fee
  • EUR 30,000 Security checks, legal fees, processing fee (ask for a financed option)

Processing time

2-4 Month processing time depending on Nationality


Temporary residence permit is extendable after 5 years**


Additional State fees** will apply. European Residency including work permit, commercial activities, and free travel in the Schengen Zone in just 2 to 4 months depending on Nationality

Relatives can be invited up to second degree relations. Family* is Spouse and Children up to 18 years of age are included and even longer if they are not marred and still depending on the parents. There are only a few requirements the investor must fulfill.

Clean Criminal record from the country of residency, clear funds in a private account and over 18 years of age are the main requirements to qualify for the Latvian residency program.