Vanuatu has recently emerged as the best passport by investment in the Pacific.  Vanuatu offers commonwealth passport to foreign investors who make one time contribution to any one of the schemes below

  • Vanuatu Development Support Program
  • Honorary citizenship contribution program (VCP)

Both are one time donation programs and have the same investment requirements USD 130,000 under the DSP/VCP Citizenship By Investment Regulations 2020

  • Fastest Vanuatu passport in 30 days
  • No personal visit required
  • Tax free country
  • No residence requirement, language test, business experience or military service required.
  • Commonwealth passport
  • Visa free access to over 120+ countries including UK, Schengen, Russia, Singapore etc..(
  • Simple application and documentation process.


Prices  DSP/VCP
Single Applicant $130,000
Married Couple $150,000
Couple  + 1 Child $165,000
Couple + 2 Children $180,000
Additional Dependents (child) $10,000 per person
Due Diligence Fee $5,000 per person
Govt application fee USD 50
Citizenship Certificate USD 100 / person
Passport fee USD 250 / person

Important to note: These are the minimum prices prescribed and set by Vanuatu Citizenship Commission.

Additional costs: 

  • Due diligence ($5000 per person)
  • Citizenship certificate (US$ 250 per person)
  • Passport fee ($250 per person)

There are no other additional costs.   The contribution sum above already includes Law firm and agent fee.

Total costs: USD 135,500 (all inclusive for one person)